Improving Human Resource Recruitment with AI Chatbot

How AI improve your Human Resource Recruitment process

AI or Artificial Intelligent is now used by several business activities to simplify internal processes which run frequently and repeatedly.

Common Human Resource Recruitment process

In common business world, HR process is start from Publishing the vacancy, receiving CV then continued with some of recruitment processes and finally it come out with the employee can be accepted or rejected as the result.

We can say these processes are the same every time.

Implement AI Chatbot for Human Resource Recruitment process

Getting Available Job Vacancy Info and Post CV

We can implement AI Chatbot for Human Resource Recruitment start from to list detail of available job vacancy.  Job Applicant can ask what are available job vacancy then AI Chatbot would display all of available job vacancy in details.

They would able to select the job application according to their specification.

After desired job vacancy chosen then AI Chatbot would to ask them to post their CV.

You can have 2 options to get their CV:

  • AI Chatbot redirect them to a secured website.
  • AI Chatbot will ask them some predefined questionnaires.

Recruitment Test Process and Face to face Interview

For recruitment testing purposes, AI Chatbot also able to ask them to answer some online test by referring them to a secure website or by asking them some predefined questionnaires related to selected job, after they finished entering the questionnaires, it would connect to Human Resource systems to get the total score of the answers and could automatically inform them whether they passed the test or not, if they passed the test then it would ask them to choose their convenient date time for a face to face interview from the Human Resource Calendar systems, this part would be also could be digitalized by using Video Conference, so the applicant should unnecessary to physically come for an interview, what they only to do is to open their mobile device or web browser and do face to face interview at the date time scheduled.

Think about this..

This would be more simple way for Human Resource team for doing Recruitment process, last but not least, by taking over the tasks to AI Chatbot, people in HR recruitment department would then do more productive and effective ways to support the business.


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