Insurance business in digital era

How is Insurance business in digital era

At present insurance business is in the progress moving towards to the digital era, all the competing to provide the best service to their customer.

Price competition is not the main thing to attract customers but the best service that customer will choose.

So what is the customer currently looking for? Ease and Practical? Yes, the ease or practically of receiving services provided or promised by each company.

How is your insurance business in digital era?

Insurance goes mobile

How general insurance industry survive in digital era?

In Indonesia, we note that there are several insurance companies that already have a mobile application for claim reporting. Which is very easy to use for reporting claims.

How happy the customer when something bad happens to the customer, they can easily report the claim to the insurer and get speedy response from them.

The insurance business for both general and life insurance are usually dominated by intermediaries such as Agencies, Brokers as their production machines .

But unfortunately, in Indonesia, we saw that there were only very few insurance companies having a mobile application that were truly complete, ranging from buying products, policy endorsements and policy renewal and claims.

Currently in Indonesia there is only one of the most complete mobile application platforms developed specifically for the general insurance industry, it is iCareNow! developed by Primtek  and currently it supports the following class of business:

  • Motor Vehicle (4 wheels)
  • Personal Accident
  • Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance

iCareNow! also uses predefined questionnaires for some class of business for underwriting score.

iCareNow! the most complete general insurance mobile application

iCareNow! has the same standard features as the mobile application that is currently owned by several insurance companies and in addition to reporting claims you can also find out the repair status of your car, because iCareNow! also has been integrated by the car claim provider in Indonesia.

Other most interesting features are agents and  direct customers can also directly purchase insurance products that are available and it supported by a secured payment gateway that allows agents and customers to make premium payments using credit cards.

It also support some other convenient payment methods in Indonesia, such as: ATM Bersama, KlikBCA, Bank Transfer, Alfamart etc.

One of the advance features of iCareNow! is as it has also been integrated with one of the largest bank in Indonesia.

When agents sell and make premium payments through secured credit cards then at that time the agent can also get a commission on the sale directly at their bank account.

And many other benefits as below:

  • Instant ePolicy
  • Easy Endorsement
  • Policy Renewal
  • Claim Reporting and Status
  • Point Rewards
  • Promotion
  • Outstanding Bulk Premium Payment
  • 3rd party integration such as: Whatsapp messenger for notification for both agent and direct customer
  • White label to allow you to use your own brand mobile application name and logo
  • And many more …

Core Systems Integration

Currently iCareNow! supports CGISS both desktop and web version for any other Core systems or need technical discussion, please don’t hestitate to contact Primtek.

Think about this…

What about the risks that will be covered by insurance?

The insurer must filter the business to avoid claims that should not be covered by insurance, below are some that you should concern before you decide to apply digital insurance such as:

  • Filtering agent recruitments for quality
  • Transaction and image monitoring
  • Tightening clauses
  • Monitoring insurance coverage
  • Setting up sum insured range
  • And many more …

Other than that management strategies and policies are also one of the most important thing to compete in the digital era for running this platform.

Again.. as the insurance practical, are you ready with this?


iCareNow! – Insurance goes mobile


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