We have Insurance Mobile Application and AI Chatbot to support your business

iCareNow! Insurance Mobile Application

iCareNow! is an insurance mobile application that works as well as a business process automation (BPA) that can integrate with your core systems, thereby streamlining the internal administration process that will eventually speed up the process to the insured. Now you can have your own insurance mobile app easily.

Papa Bob AI ChatBot

Papa Bob is an artificial intelligence software designed to carry out a series of tasks on his own without human intervention. it can do many things, like making HRD recruitment processes, finding vehicle claim status, checking policy information, claim reporting, notifying users about policy expiry and do IoT (Internet of Things) process where it can move hardware through the internet remotely.

Our Exclusive Products

malacca EZ

We exclusively developed malacca EZ for PT Malacca Trust Wuwungan Insurance Tbk, malacca EZ is developed based on iCareNow! platform and it's customized based on user requirements, now malacca EZ is the first complete mobile application solution for General Insurance in Indonesia.

Kredit BPF

We exclusively developed  Kredit BPF for PT Batavia Prosperindo Finance Tbk, kreditBPF is the first complete mobile application solution for car leasing company in Indonesia, when the other mobile application can only be used as a credit simulation tool, kreditBPF has A to Z mobile front-end solutions to satisfy their needs, start from credit simulation like the others had to multi level approval process, this all can be done from your mobile devices.