We provide Information Technology Management and Consulting and Outsourcing services

We do our best to give you ideas and some suggestions to solve your IT problematic areas

IT Management & Consulting

We provide IT management & consulting services to address IT problematic areas,  process optimization and automation to align business.

Work with users to formulate and document business requirement and goals.

Providing IT implementation standards and prepare a comprehensive management report assessing business process against industry best practices.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is business practice in which IT services are farmed to us as the IT Oursourcing provider.

We provide professional team which are adapt with the latest digital information technology.

We deliver cost-effective, secured and reliable exclusive systems solutions for your business.

Our expertise in this area has enabled our clients to respond effectively to the digital technology demands.

Last but not least, our expertise also convince us to support many other industries.

Business Application

We have developed and implemented successfully an exclusive mobile applications for General Insurance Company in Indonesia.

Now they are the first General Insurance company in Indonesia who have the most complete Insurance Mobile Application Solutions.

We successfully developed and implemented a complete mobile application solutions to top 5 biggest car ownershop loan company in Indonesia.

Now they are the first Car ownership loan company in Indonesia who have the most complete mobile application solution.

We also have custom AI Chatbot solutions for your requirement, see our Product page for more information and implementation examples.

Our brand AI Chatbot is Papa Bob, Our White label options is allowing you to change into your own.

IT Infrastructure

Information Technology security is expensive and The breakdown of critical systems and applications can result in significant financial and reputation damage, those are more expensive.

We committed to helping our clients to minimise any down time in the event of disruption by help them to procure the most suitable and secured extensions to enhance their existing information technology infrastructure an the most cost-efficient manner.